Travel Photo Roulette #45: ‘Surreal’ – My Entry for 7/25/2012

This round of Travel Roulette is being hosted by Skinny Backpacker and his theme is “Surreal”. I really wish I had something more creative and dream like, something with fun shadows and colors. But, atlas, I am going for something a bit more literal. I chose this picture, because I can’t believe that not only someone puts themselves in harm’s way, I paid to watch it. It’s one of those moments that you’re not quite sure whats just happened, if it wasn’t for my pictures, the whole sporting event would feel like a dream. For this man, I suppose its more of a bad dream.

bull fight, mijas, spain

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Travel Roulette #42: Evening – My entry 5/12/2012

This weeks theme, Evening, is hosted by Sam & Sarah at Travel Food Bliss. My image was taken in Perugia, Italy; just before dinner as the sun was slowly setting. Taken in April 2012 while attending the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference held in Umbria, Italy.

Evening in Perugia, Italy

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Travel Photo Roulette #41: Spirit of the Country – My Entry for 4/30/2012

These last few themes have been so fantastic! This round of Travel Roulette, hosted by Adventure Crow, has a theme of “Spirit of the Country”. I figured whats better then to show the spirit of a country, then a performance by a local Umbrian Flag and Drum Corp performing a fantastic performance at the opening night celebrations for the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference last week in Italy!

Spirit of the Country

Updated * May 4, 2012 – Nick from Adventure Crow: “Absolutely incredible shot, love the colours and the motion, I have to admit it was a very close thing between this one and the winner.” Thanks Nick! Check out the other winners on Adventure Crow’s site!

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Travel Photo Roulette #39: Local Character – My Entry for 3/25/2012

Local Character: What a great subject. Travel with Kat is hosting this round of Travel Roulette! This was hard, I love street photography. I love capturing people going about their everyday business. I decided to go with this gentleman from Madrid; he was relaxing in the morning sun with his cigar and paper on a park bench.

local character, Madrid, Spain

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