Travel Photo Roulette #45: ‘Surreal’ – My Entry for 7/25/2012

This round of Travel Roulette is being hosted by Skinny Backpacker and his theme is “Surreal”. I really wish I had something more creative and dream like, something with fun shadows and colors. But, atlas, I am going for something a bit more literal. I chose this picture, because I can’t believe that not only someone puts themselves in harm’s way, I paid to watch it. It’s one of those moments that you’re not quite sure whats just happened, if it wasn’t for my pictures, the whole sporting event would feel like a dream. For this man, I suppose its more of a bad dream.

bull fight, mijas, spain

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#FriFotos “Best of 2011”, December 23, 2011

Happy Hanukkah & Happy Christmas.

Along with a few of my camel shots, this is what made my Holiday Card this year, so it makes sense to be my personal Best of 2011.

Travel’s in Spain:

bull fight, Mijas, Spain, Costa del Sol flamenco dancers, Mijas, Spain, Costa del Sol

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Travel’s in Gibraltar & Morocco:

Apes, Rock of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Food Market, Tangier, Morocco

Travel’s in Scotland:

Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland

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#FriFotos “Yellow”, December 9, 2011

This weeks theme is yellow. This image was taken in Mijia, Spain. They have the only square bullring in the world. They have bullfights every Sunday. This matador was not the primary of the event, but as far as I am concerned all matadors in the ring (or in this case square) at the time of an angry bull, deserve a lot of credit!

Yellow, Bull FIght, Mijas, Spain, Costa del Sol

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