The Sweet Side of Philly

I woke up Sunday morning with little thought of what to do for the day. I told my friend I was visiting that I was in her hands. I wanted to do something in “Hallie’s Philly”. We discussed getting cheese-steaks for lunch, and Hallie suggested getting there when they open as to avoid the long lines (at 11). She also settled on the idea of an old-fashioned sweet shop near the river that she thought would be fun to see. Disclaimer: Hallie love’s her sweets! Philadelphia is full of sweet shops, ice cream shop’s and even cupcake shops. But none as special as Shane Confectionary.

We left her apartment in search of a light breakfast, and since we had sweets on the mind, we decided to stop off at Max Brenner, not just a chocolate shop, but a chocolate restaurant. I had an amazing hot chocolate. Along with a bit bigger of a breakfast then intended. Scrabbled egg’s with tomato and sausage, home fries, and a sugar glazed biscuit. The meal also came with a side of chocolate, similar to how one would receive a side of ketchup! Hallie did everything but lick the cup the side of chocolate came in to finish it off. I was impressed she resisted the licking! At this point we were still thinking cheese steaks, so we split the meal. The chocolate went okay with the home fries, but fantastic with the biscuit!

Max Brenner Hot Chocolate

By this time it was already 1030, so we hopped on the bus and headed down town. Since we had just eaten we decided we could afford to wait in line for the cheese-steak as we weren’t overly hungry at the moment and went to the sweet shop first…

Max Brenner Hot Chocolate

It’s beautiful. Shane Confectionery was established in 1911, this historic candy shop doesn’t just pretend to be old-fashioned, it is! The ladies behind the counter were dressed in style too! They had jar’s full of candy and the walls were lined with shelve’s full of sweets. They had long glass counters filled with chocolate and old-fashioned cash registers to give the place a true old-time feel. Well, we both purchased something, i mean we had too, it was a sweet shop, and they allowed me to take pictures for my blog, although they normally don’t allow professional photographs (I have a big camera, most people see it and think I might be taking commercial shots!) The receipt then allowed us 10% off at The Franklin Fountain, an old-time ice cream shop next door.

Shane Confectionery, Philadelphia

Well, at this point, we discussed that neither of us were hungry enough for a cheese-steak, but who doesn’t have room for ice cream?! So we headed next door. What a fun ice cream shop. The Franklin Fountain also has an old-time look and feel along with an old school ice cooler full of glass bottle soda’s. Their ice cream was amazing, so creamy and rich, and of course we got toppings! Be warned their small, isn’t a ben & jerry’s single scoop. It was what I refer to as my “mother’s small scoop” which is a very decent size bowl of ice cream, mine was loaded down with hot fudge and Hallie’s with white chocolate shreds and almonds (Sorry no pictures, we were too busy enjoying eating!).

The Franklin Fountain

Needless to say, we never did get our cheese-steak, but there’s always next time!

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As always all thoughts are my own, no I did not get free ice cream, but I do want to thank Shane Confectionery and The Franklin Fountain for allowing me to take a few photographs for my blog.
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