Beautiful Ca’Marcello, Italy

Italy is a beautiful country and as I prepare to return for my first ever blog trip, I started thinking about my previous travels. Many years ago on a trip that started in Sicily and took me up through Rome, Pisa, Venice and finally Milan; I had a fantastic opportunity to stay in a beautiful villa named Ca’Marcello.

A good friend of mine who at one point called Sicily home, has a good friend, Jacopo, who lives in this amazing villa. I consider myself so fortunate to have been an invited guest for a night. Ca’Marcello is about 45 minutes NNE of Padova (I think). The house was built in the 16th century by the noble Venetian Marcello family and it is still family owned and occupied today. This house has so much history and is so beautiful.

Ca'Marcello, italy

My photographs from my previous trips throughout Italy were all taken on film, and due to bad backing up, have since lost my digital copies of most of my photos. The idea of rescanning all of them, not high on my todo list. However, I made a promise to Jacopo when I was there that I would send him one of my favorites. So I finally got around to scanning 2 images to send his way all these years later.

Ca'Marcello, italy

I really want to thank Jacopo for allowing me to post these pictures of his home. They do open their doors for tours, vacation rentals and events, please see for further information and history.

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