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My entries for the ‘Capture the Colour’ competition hosted by the TravelSupermarket. Categories Red, Yellow, White, Blue, & Green. Judged by:


The girl in the red coat. I love cities, I was raised near one, I love to travel to them. But for some reason New York city has always looked gray to me. It’s big, dirty, busy, and lacks color. Also people tend to dress in dark variation of color, so a splash of red goes a long way!

New York, New York, United States
The girl in the red coat, New York, New York, United States


Tradition, sport, animal cruelty, not for me to decide. This eye opening event spawns excitement, fear, and death as I discovered first hand at what was a much more colorful event then I ever thought. Taken at the only square bullring in the world located in Mijas Spain.

Mijas, Andalusia, Spain
Taunting the bulls, Mijas, Andalusia, Spain


The long forgotten technologies for yesterday stand proud and tall thanks to local preservation groups. Thurne Drainage Mill and the other surrounding windmills in the area add to the beauty of the Norfolk Broads.

Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England
Drainage Mill, tall and proud, Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England


Among the stone and mortar of such an ancient city as Rome, this art studio entrance springs to life by showering those who pass by with a passionate moment of color.

Rome, Lazio, Italy
A hidden studio in the heart of Italy’s alleys, Rome, Lazio, Italy


The colors of a spring lunch… Eating is a part of everyone’s daily routine, nothing is more tasteful than home-grown fava beans enjoyed with a glass of wine at a relaxing lunch in the sunshine on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Torgiano, Umbria, Italy
The colors of lunch in the Sunshine, Torgiano, Umbria, Italy

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Spite House

In the 1800’s two neighbors in Alexandria Virginia fought tirelessly over an alley between their homes. As the story goes, when one neighbor went out-of-town, the other took that opportunity to build a house on the ally to stake his claim. In the end, the city decided neither neighbor owned that alley and the house belonged to them. Wikipedia’s version is slightly different and not half as fun (but probably closer to fact)! Built in 1830, today the Spite House in Alexandria Virginia, is privately owned. At 7 feet wide it is one of the narrowest homes in the world.

Spite House, Alexandria, Virginia

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The Norfolk Broads and old friends!

When i mentioned to people I was headed to the Norfolk Broads in England, anyone who knew of the location simply asked why? Forget the picturesque villages along the water, the windmills, the boats, the friendly people, they just asked why with a quizzical look on their faces. Usually my response would be why not, but this time, I had a much better answer, I was visiting old friends.

Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK Horning, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

Ludham, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

I had the fantastic opportunity to stay in a 17th century cottage where my friend Chris calls home. It had low wooden beamed ceilings and crooked floors. We ate next door at The Swan Inn and enjoyed the beautiful view of the broads out front our cottage. The weather was to be expected of England, cool, windy and wet, but that didn’t stop our fun.

Swan Inn, Horning, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK Swan Inn, Horning, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

We took a drive down streets I thought were walking paths, until we came across Thurne’s Dyke where the windmills are. We enjoyed a pint at the Lion Inn and had a friendly chat with the governor of the establishment. Foreign accents get you that type of attention, especially off-season!

Windmill, Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

The Lion Inn, Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

The weekend passed quickly, but not for the lack of company. My good friend Danny and Chris, who not only had I not seen in 8 years, but they themselves hadn’t seen each other for those years either. I have no doubt the sound of our laughter and the clinking of our pint glasses with resonate among the broads until we repeat the adventure again, destination, undetermined!

Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England, Great Britain, UK

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Travel Photo Roulette #41: Spirit of the Country – My Entry for 4/30/2012

These last few themes have been so fantastic! This round of Travel Roulette, hosted by Adventure Crow, has a theme of “Spirit of the Country”. I figured whats better then to show the spirit of a country, then a performance by a local Umbrian Flag and Drum Corp performing a fantastic performance at the opening night celebrations for the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference last week in Italy!

Spirit of the Country

Updated * May 4, 2012 – Nick from Adventure Crow: “Absolutely incredible shot, love the colours and the motion, I have to admit it was a very close thing between this one and the winner.” Thanks Nick! Check out the other winners on Adventure Crow’s site!

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Travel Photo Roulette #35: BLUE – My Entry for 1/23/2012

Photo Roulette #35, Blue… I have my favorite standby image that I usually use for a blue theme, my favorite studio door from the alley ways of Italy. However I not long ago used that image for a #FriFoto on Twitter (See Image Here). I have plenty of ocean images and sky images, but The Art of Slow Travel who is hosting this weeks game is looking for a bit more variety.

That’s when this picture came to mind. Not long ago I was doing a photo shoot for my friend’s two youngest sons when one of her older son’s happened to join us, how fitting for the word blue!

Joey & Eli Borth

(PS – I classify this as a travel image as I was travelling through England at the time I took these images!)

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#FriFotos “Blue”, June 24, 2011

So earlier this week an amazing travel photographer with an amazing HDR ability started following me on twitter, I will admit, I don’t tweet much, and up until today, have never posted any images. In the hunt for who he is, who he follows and what he does, I discovered something called #FriFotos. Every week there is a new theme and every Friday people from around the globe post images to that category.
This week’s Blue image, by Heather Markman:

A hidden studio in the heart of Italy’s alleys.

Studio door, Italy

This is one of my favorite doorways I came across in the alleys of Italy. For all the amazing entranceways, doorways and windows the alleys have to offer, none ever as bright, loved, and unique and an artists studio door.