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Photographs of Heather

I am a photographer by trade, a web site guru by day and a traveller at heart. I love to travel and capture life with my camera. My passion is to bring the world to those who have not or have yet the opportunity to explore the depths of our beautiful world. I have been fortunate over the years to be able to extend my wings and see a bit of the world.

Part of me dreams of the nomadic lifestyle, however I am not sure I am willing to give up the comforts of my condo and car and the love of my cat to travel full time. For now, I travel when I can for as long as I can get away – and bonus, I get to travel with work.

I don’t have a bucket list. There are a few things I would like to do before I die, but I truly feel that if it’s meant to be, it will be, if it’s not, I wont lose sleep over it. If I want it that badly, I will find a way to make it happen. On my first day of photography school, I stood in front of my instructors and fellow students and proclaimed that I wanted to make coffee table books of the places I have been and the adventures I have experienced. I must say, that my instructors weren’t fans of this idea, and every time they marked me down because my image looked “too much like a post card”, i thought to myself, no one cares about grades, but thanks for the compliment! Since those days of being a poor university student living abroad and spending the money I didn’t have, I have allowed myself to wander down other paths that has led me away from photography on a daily basis. So in order to get closer to making those coffee table books, I figure I could start with a blog… the way I see it, tomorrow’s coffee table books will probably be what today’s blog is!

I have always inspired to bring the world to my readers who might not have the ability to travel as far and wide, or have had similar or slightly different experiences and interested in swapping war stories, or those looking for new adventures! And maybe, over time, I will be able offer a few words of advise and suggestions about what I have learned on my travels over the years, as I have learned so much from so many others before and around me.

Thanks for taking the time and visiting my site! Cheers.



Photographs of Eric

Hello there! It’s actually extremely flattering that you’re even reading the bio section. Typically I check an author’s biography when their writing has been truly profound or has really pissed me off. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. My name is Eric. I’m a 24 year old native of Boston who graduated college in Delaware with degrees in International Relations and History. How many doors in life do those degrees open? I’m glad you asked! Not many. I spent a little over 2 years doing what everyone does with an extensive knowledge of developing countries; working in sales for an enterprise software company. After a delightful 18 month stint in corporate America I realized the cubicle was actually sucking the soul right out of my body. I legitimately had to see a chiropractor because I spent so many hours of my life staring at spirit crushing spread sheets. So I did the only reasonable thing I could think of. The day I was free from debt and financial responsibilities, I quit my job and purchased a one way ticket to Bangkok.

Why? As cliche as it may sound, I think there’s a calling within all of us. We’re yearning for a journey. That adventure is different for everyone, but it’s there in our hearts. Everyday life tends to weigh us down with commitments and responsibilities. It distracts us from these ideas and fills us with fear. For me, backpacking the world is a real dream. So, what better time to start than the present? Thanks for following.

‘It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting’ -Paulo Coehlo

– Eric

Guest Blogger


Photographs of Kimmy

I have know Kim, well lets just say, almost my entire life. Her and her husband are good friends, co-workers, and travelling partners of mine. Kim’s recently started having a deeper interest in photography, and I am so pleased that she agreed to share some of those photos and her experiences of taking them with us! In Kimberly’s words:

For me travel and photography have always gone hand in hand. Long before I knew the difference between an f stop and a bus stop I loved taking photos when I went on vacation. Those first photos of my trip to Disney World when I was fourteen were dark, grainy, and often with an arm or head cut off; but I treasured those photos as much as the memories from the trip. From then on I’ve never traveled anywhere without a camera. I grew up in Alexandria, VA and met and married my husband Aaron there, but shortly after we married we moved to NYC for me to pursue my love of the theatre. As much as I loved acting I wasn’t getting to do it as often as I wanted, and I needed another creative outlet; and that led me to thinking about how much I enjoy taking photographs. So I decided to take my hobby to the next level.

I started to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I was thrilled to see how much I learned in my first beginners course and so it became a full year of study including a photography internship with PBS’s channel 13. Over this past summer my husband and I moved back to VA and we had the pleasure of traveling to Spain with Heather, which will be the subject of my first blogs here! So stay tuned and I hope to have many more exciting travel/photography experiences to share with you in the near future.