Koh Samui

I’m not sure there was a better feeling during the first two weeks of this trip than when our ferry left Koh Phi Phi. Perhaps I’ll make my way back to those islands at some point, but my memories until then will be full of sickness and horror. Admittedly that’s dramatic, but we were sick and the entire island was hot, humid, and smelled of garbage. Plus the illness kept us from basically every tourist attraction the island had to offer. We were on our way East, hoping to have better luck in the Gulf of Thailand.


After 2 ferry rides and a three hour bus, we landed on Koh Sumui and it was exactly what we needed. The hostel was perfectly situated on the beach on the east side of the island and overlooked the crystal clear waters. The Irish owner was very friendly and the drinks were cheap. Naturally we ran into 3 kids from Walpole there, and it was nice to catch up with people about Jimmy G and the Pats. Our first full day on Samui we spent having a true beach day. We picked a spot on the beach in Lamai around 11am and did not leave until about 5pm when a downpour forced us to seek refuge in an Australian pub. After dinner and a few drinks we headed to the local Muay Thai gym to watch the Saturday night fights.

Thai boxing is pretty brutal. Besides the gloves they wear, the fighters are unprotected. There’s no head gear to protect against punches or kicks to the face. This wasn’t concerning until you realized the first few fights were between kids who were about 105lbs and could not have been older than 12 years old. Certainly not something you would see in the States, but as the national sport of Thailand it is quite a common occurrence. It was tough to watch a young boy get kicked in the knee, buckle to the ground, and have to be carried out by his coaches in obvious pain. But I was over it fairly quickly. The rest of the fights were all decent, and an overall positive experience.

The second day in Koh Samui was spent at the Ang Thong national marine park. We joined a tour that took us an hour by boat to the islands. The water was perfect, the views were incredible and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. It was a great day, with great weather, and an awesome way to close our time on the island.

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The next day was the return to Bangkok so that Chelsea could return home and I could move on all alone….

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