Princess Resort of Railay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry. Things were busy and we were moving around a lot. But now Chelsea has left me and I’m traveling solo-dolo. You will be missed Chels! This means I have more alone time (not in a sad way though). So I suppose I should do some catching up.

After we left Chiang Mai, we caught a flight down to Krabi. From there it was a bus ride and sketchy nighttime long-tail boat ride to Railay Beach. After moving around for a few days it was nice to finally have some time in the ocean and these beaches certainly did not disappoint. We also treated ourselves to a decent resort with our own room and a rooftop infinity pool. For the extra 10$ a night, the Princess Resort and Spa was worth it.


The beaches at Railay were beautiful. The water was perfect and the scenery was amazing. We hiked up to the view point to catch a glimpse of the entire island and trekked to the lagoon. The lagoon trek was probably the most intense hiking I’ve ever done. I’ve never been called an outdoorsman though, so that’s not necessarily very impressive. The path was muddy and extremely steep. As in there were some portions which were just 15-20foot cliffs with a rope for you to climb down. We survived. The lagoon at the end was worth the muddy treacherous endeavor.

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We decided to book an extra night in Railay and enjoyed a few evenings at the local beach bars and taking in the scenery. Plus, it was nice to have some time at the pool. Unfortunately, our last dinner on Railay would come back to bite us…

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