Taking Off

That Hello Kitty plane is actually the plane I’m flying to Bangkok in. I chose to embark on the trip of a lifetime on an airline that is decorated with a wildly popular Japanese anime cat. Why? Because there’s no way that plane goes down. It’s adorable.

Admittedly I am pretty nervous about this adventure. Was this a good idea? Will things go smoothly in Asia? Should I have packed more than 2 pairs of underwear? Will Trump be elected president when I’m gone and wall off the entire country, keeping me out? Is Joe Flacco elite? These are the questions that have been keeping me up at night.

I will say I’m far more excited than I am nervous. I’ll be landing in Bangkok about 23 hours after I leave New York and I have brought zero plane activities. I’m looking to catch at least 5 to 8 Tom Cruise movies, enjoy a glass of red wine with a side of xanax and  wake up somewhere on the Khao San Road. Pretty sure that’s how Dicaprio did it in ‘The Beach.’

The first 2 weeks are pretty packed with trips and adventures so I’ll be sure to update all 3.2 million of you reading this blog as best I can. First stop is the Suneta Hostel in the backpacking capital of the world. Tucked between the Orthodox Jewish Community Center of Thailand, a Starbucks, and the police department, it’ll be as though we never left Brooklyn.


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