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My entries for the ‘Capture the Colour’ competition hosted by the TravelSupermarket. Categories Red, Yellow, White, Blue, & Green. Judged by:


The girl in the red coat. I love cities, I was raised near one, I love to travel to them. But for some reason New York city has always looked gray to me. It’s big, dirty, busy, and lacks color. Also people tend to dress in dark variation of color, so a splash of red goes a long way!

New York, New York, United States
The girl in the red coat, New York, New York, United States


Tradition, sport, animal cruelty, not for me to decide. This eye opening event spawns excitement, fear, and death as I discovered first hand at what was a much more colorful event then I ever thought. Taken at the only square bullring in the world located in Mijas Spain.

Mijas, Andalusia, Spain
Taunting the bulls, Mijas, Andalusia, Spain


The long forgotten technologies for yesterday stand proud and tall thanks to local preservation groups. Thurne Drainage Mill and the other surrounding windmills in the area add to the beauty of the Norfolk Broads.

Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England
Drainage Mill, tall and proud, Thurne Dyke, Norfolk Broads, England


Among the stone and mortar of such an ancient city as Rome, this art studio entrance springs to life by showering those who pass by with a passionate moment of color.

Rome, Lazio, Italy
A hidden studio in the heart of Italy’s alleys, Rome, Lazio, Italy


The colors of a spring lunch… Eating is a part of everyone’s daily routine, nothing is more tasteful than home-grown fava beans enjoyed with a glass of wine at a relaxing lunch in the sunshine on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Torgiano, Umbria, Italy
The colors of lunch in the Sunshine, Torgiano, Umbria, Italy

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