A Talented Artist and his Inspiring Medieval Town

What better place to live as an artist then where the art is an everyday living breathing culture. Sure Paris and New York, anywhere that has big art museums and theatre in the park and fantastic art schools. That’s NOT what I am referring too. I am referring to the art of craft. The medieval town of Bevagna, tucked away in the beautiful region of Umbria is in itself a museum. The town offers the ancient arts & crafts that have long since been replaced by machines and new technologies. Arts & crafts that don’t mean felt and boogley eyes and puffy paint.

Luigi Frappi Studio, Benvagna, Umbria, Italy

This amazing town where people live and go about their daily business is in itself a museum. It offers an artist studio where colors are still hand-made, the paper shop where you can actually see the process of hand making paper, and the candle maker where you can even make your own candle. What better place to be and be inspired in, then to be surrounded by the love of what one does. The well-known artist, or little-known if you are not into art, Luigi Frappi lives in this amazing and beautiful town.

Luigi Frappi Studio, Benvagna, Umbria, Italy

Recently, while a guest of the region of Umbria and hosted by Umbria on the blog, I had the great opportunity to wander through this town, but the most magical moment was when Luigi caught up with us on the street and invite us back to his studio. Upon entering the building, we followed this huge staircase up to his door. The flat has these tall ceilings which makes fantastic space for all the artwork. From floor to ceiling of still life and landscapes. It was truly beautiful. However, with that said, not really my type of artwork. I casually was standing by the back door peering through the windows when Luigi must have caught my glance and immediately came over and opened the doors for me and invited me out onto his rooftop terrace. This was where I fell in love with Luigi’s art work. Outside wasn’t the painting of the watermelon slice in 20 sizes, it was full of 3D art and modern abstract pieces. One of my favorites was a wall hanging with three motherboards painted black. This piece had so many thoughts running through my head.

Luigi Frappi Studio, Benvagna, Umbria, Italy

It was so spectacular of Luigi to invite us into his studio. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend stopping by and catching his exhibit or seeing his art work.

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Although I was a guest of Umbria on the blog and the region of Umbria and Luigi Frappi, all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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