Living & Eating Like a Local in Rome!

Rome like a local. It’s so refreshing to return to a city i have been to, but be able to absorb a new side of it. Having been to Rome many times before i was looking forward to “living Rome like a local” with House Trip. I was really excited to see Rome from a different angle and it was well worth it!

Woman in Rain, Rome, Italy

To start with, my fantastic host Ryan Levitt with House Trip made me feel right at home as soon as I arrived at my apartment. House Trip currently have 848 properties in Rome to choose from with prices starting from £23/night. They also offer over 92K rentals worldwide. I am totally converted and might never stay in a hotel again! Our group in Rome were spread among three separate apartments in three distinct areas on the city. A very large apartment, with an amazing view of the Colosseum, a simple one bedroom apartment with a bit of class located in the Trastevere neighborhood, and the final apartment near Campi di Firoe with low ceilings with wooden beans. All three were well maintained and very comfy. I stayed in an apartment in Trastevere, the area is full of life. There are several universities in the area and the streets are lined with cafe’s and restaurants and full of locals. Upon arrival and after settling in Kirsten Alana, my roommate for the duration of my time in Rome, and I took to wandering the area, eating gelato and enjoying the crowds of locals in the neighborhood.

Gelato in Rome, Italy

Apartments in Rome:

The beautifully and spaciousness apartment with an amazing view of the Colosseum. (From £297 GBP / USD $454 / €358 per night)

Trastevere apartment, a true living like a local feeling, away from the crowded tourist attractions! (From £117 GBP / USD $186 / €141 per night)

Beautiful low beamed ceiling apartment near Campo di Fiori with a traditional rustic feel. (From £185 GBP / USD $295 / €223 per night)

Kirsten Alana & Angie Orth, Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Kirsten Alana & Angie Orth sitting in the Colosseum Apartment window!

Food, Food, and more Food!

Starting off at a coffee shop with an espresso and pastry early in the morning, we grouped for our market tour. I am a huge market fan, I love the colors, the smells, watching people go about their normal daily shopping routines. Our guide Eleonora walked us though the market sharing all types of details with us while we picked up items that were needed for our lunch that afternoon. The smells and the tastes were heavenly. It is so easily to get lost in a place like this! We eventually made our way back to the apartment near the Colosseum where we enjoyed a cooking lesson taught by Eleonora our guide, followed by my favorite, our big group lunch!

Lunch at Pierluigi, Rome, Italy

After an afternoon full of busy work and relaxing, we headed out for a guided dinner. We regrouped at a small family restaurant near the Pantheon called, Armando al Pantheon. The food was fanatic! Our guide Gina, as well as the chef, spoke to us about the dishes served to us. We had something like 7 or 8 courses, pastas, meats, buffalo mozzarella, vegetables, and a fantastic desert they called tiramisu, however it was nothing like any tiramisu I have ever had before. Gina was full of information to share with us about the history of food in Rome and the amazing food we were eating.

Cooking Lesson lunch with Eleonora, Rome, Italy

Both of these tours brought out a side of Rome I had never experienced before. Food. I have always travelled on such a small budget, normally sharing a pizza and never having more than a single course at any given meal. I will admit that my favorite of the three meals was the lunch we ate near Campo di Fiori at Pierluigi, this was not a guided lunch, but we had some fantastic dishes. It was a perfect end, filled with amazing food, fantastic people and great conversation!

Guided dinner with Gina, Armando al Pantheon, Rome, Italy

A big thanks to Context Travel for arranging our guided market tour and our guided dinner! They arrange tours in cities around the world. And of course I want to thank House Trip for inviting me on this adventure. All opinions in this post are my own.

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