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What better way to see Italy then on a Vespa? This was not something I set out on a mission to do, it wasn’t something on a bucket list or a dream of mine. However, I managed two rides in Italy! One, a vintage Vespa evening tour through the city of Rome and the second, a self driven tour of the Chianti region of Tuscany. I had so much fun. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who come across the opportunity.

The first night I was in Rome with House Trip they booked our group on a tour through the city. Imagine our luck when these gorgeous men show up at our apartment on vintage Vespa’s. Everyone in the group had a huge smile on their face, the whole 3 hour ride! It was such a fantastic way to see the city, learn a bit of history and experience something in a slightly different way.

Saint Peters Bascilica, St Peters Bascilica, Vatican City
St Peter’s Bascilica, Vatican City

In attempting to make a decision on where I should spend a few days post the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference I attended in Umbria, Fun in Tuscany reached out to me and invited me on a Vespa tour. Their tour is slightly different then the one in Rome. I had the option of driving my own Vespa, which I jumped on! We sped along dirt and paved roads in the Chianti region of Tuscany for a few hours. My only complaint was that the ride wasn’t long enough! This wasn’t a specific tour with stops and history along the way, but being that there was a total of four of us, we got the chance to take advantage of several overlooks and pull over areas for some pictures. And after the ride, we stopped for lunch at Monteriggioni, a castle that still has about 45 residence, but mostly contains a few shops and some restaurants.

Vespa, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy
Chianti Region, Tuscany

Why not considering seeing something new, or old, in a slightly different way? Consider a Vespa tour! Nerone Tours and Fun in Tuscany both offer many different ways to see the sites! Check them out.

Vintage Vespa tours of Rome with Nerone Tours

Vespa ride, Chianti region of Tuscany, Fun in Tuscany Tours

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