Returning to Rome

I will admit, Rome in the past has not one of my favorite cities. It’s beautiful and historic, it’s big and it’s busy. To me it’s just another busy city where locals don’t have time for tourists, and tourists infest the city in groves. However, I continue to return to Rome, because i love Italy. Arriving at the airport this time, no one smiled, even my driver didn’t say anything to me except for “wait here” and “bye”. The first smile I saw was on Ryan’s (my host) face when I had finally reached my apartment.

Enjoying a city has just as much to do with the people you are surrounded by. The first time I was ever in Rome, I was in a hostel with these giggly girls I didn’t know, I did manage to find a friendly face to wander the streets with on my first night. She was studying in Copenhagen for a semester and came to Rome during her spring break. We ran into a young fellow, also studying abroad in Europe at the time, he was literally just passing though Rome for the night on his way back to wherever it was. Although I do not remember their names all these years later, we did have a great time laughing together on the Spanish Steps. The rest of that trip was uneventful and full of tourist sites. The year after that adventure, I stopped through town for a night with my boyfriend, we did all the same attractions again, and honestly, weren’t in town for more then about 14 hours and that included sleeping, I was so ready to get back out of town.

This time, my hopes are a lot higher. Mostly because of the people I will be spending my time here with. The group of us are all travel bloggers/photographers and the activities lines up aren’t the run of the mill everyday tourist activities. The idea is to “live like a local” thanks to! Most exciting is my roomie Kirsten Alana (pictured below next to the smallest car we have seen while eating gelato!

kirsten alana gelato italy

More adventures to follow soon!

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