Dinner and a Show

What better way to spend an evening then enjoying dinner and a show. This weeks show was the gallery opening for “Love, People & Scrabble” held at/by Del Ray Artisans. The show was preceded by dinner at a locally owned restaurant, Fireflies. Another reason why I love Alexandria, our local restaurants and fun art shows!


This local gem boasts great food and a friendly atmosphere. They also offer live music Thursday through Sundays and a trivia night every Tuesday. However, my adventures on Friday took me for an early dinner. One of the features I love about this restaurant is the way I get to pick my sides. I am not talking choosing a steak and having the option of 7 types of potatoes and 4 vegetables. I am talking about do I want my Tilapia over fettuccine or roasted potatoes or on a bed of sauteed spinach. And finally, someone who serves a decent fruit salad. Out with the melon/citric mix and occasional strawberries if they are in season. My fruit salad was thinly sliced apples mixed with a light cranberry sauce, excellent choice. My date for the evening chose the beef and shrimp kabobs over grilled vegetables and sweet potato fries. Both dinners were very much enjoyed!

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Fireflies Dinner

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Love, Politics & Scrabble: The Games People Play

The Del Ray Artisans is a local art group founded in 1992. It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community. They offer a full calendar including workshops and art shows. Many of their shows are open to all artists in the DC-area, some are open just to those who are members. However all people are welcome to the art shows and exhibits displayed at their gallery located in Del Ray area of Alexandria Virginia.

This particular exhibit is an all media exhibit of artwork inspired by the various games people play throughout life…including the game of life! The opening night reception was held on February 3rd and runs though February 26th. The gallery is generally open during the day, noon to 6pm. Friday’s the gallery is open until 9pm and Saturdays 10am-9pm. Admission is always free. This particular show also offers a Valentine Card Shop, an Art Games event and an ATC Artist Trading Card Swap as well as a Games Talk with and challenge with the famous Capital Pool Checkers Club.

The exhibit encompassed all types of works from 3D sculptures created from actual games to pastels and jewelry pieces made from dominoes. A few of my favorites was a recreation of Candy Land; a word code game using dominoes; and as photography of fast food trash found on a street curb called “Consumerism”.

The recreation of the all time favorite children’s game Candy Land gives us an adult version! Created by B Boatman this adventure to the sweet end titled “DC CAND LAND” focuses on matching scandals with the elected officials or political operatives who either caused the scandal or who were caught up in it by their association. The game even includes a double sided print out for viewers to play along!

The word code game by local author and artist Amy Thomas uses dominoes to spell out a code. The answer lies in the key and spells “You Win”, each letter represented by a dot on the domino. What a fun idea!

The photograph that I liked so much at the exhibit wasn’t just fast food containers found on a street curb. It happened to be a photography of a McDonald’s monopoly game food container, among others. What a great find in and appropriately titled “Consumerism”. Consumerism is defined as the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods. The popular game of Monopoly fits this category, after all who doesn’t own one of the hundreds of version of the all time favorite board game. McDonald’s Monopoly game offers consumers encouragement to purchase their food as well as the entertainment of playing their unique version of Monopoly in the chance to win prizes. I felt this image really encompassed the concept of “the games people play”!

This art exhibit was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area this month. The exhibit also offers a Marketplace filled with art to be purchased. The gallery is located at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center in Alexandria. It is a small building that contains a huge amount of talent.

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