Do camel’s really spit?

I don’t know, but I am guessing they do, I just was not witness. Honestly, I was told they are itchy, they bite, and they spit. Well the camel I rode on had a saddle attached to it and was very gentlemanly towards me. I recently travelled to Tangier, Morocco for a day trip. Although I felt the tour we went on was overrated, it was very cool to get the chance to ride a camel, even if only for a few minutes. It was also a beautiful view as my friends and I had the opportunity to ride them near the Atlantic Ocean.

Camels, Tangier, Morocco

In some ways it was a bit disconcerting, we literally pulled off to the side of the road, and there were a few men, with a bunch of camels, overlooking the ocean. But, regardless it was an experience to be had. My brother in-law, in response to me riding a camel, was a bit weirded out and he had loads of questions. So here are a few with their answers:

Q) Was it a Dromedary or a Camel? A) I didn’t know the difference, so I looked it up and discovered, that Dromedaries (or Arabian Camel’s) are a one hump camel. However, it is still considered a camel. The two hump camels are called Bactrain. Dromedaries are native to the dry desert areas of West Asia, and Bactrian camels are native to Central and East Asia. Both species are domesticated; they provide milk and meat, and are working animals.

Camels, Tangier, Morocco Camels, Tangier, Morocco

Q) Where did you sit? In front of the hump, behind the hump, in between the humps? Was it itchy? A) Well, the camel’s had saddles. and then blankets on top of that. So I suppose you could say on the hump.

Camels, Tangier, Morocco Camels, Tangier, Morocco

Q) Was it scary? A) Well honestly it’s just like riding a horse, but slightly taller, the scariest part was when the camel was knealing down to let me off. And I had to lean forward, and I am holding my camera thinking, oh my, i am going to go tumbling off head first.

We really only just took a slow wonder around the cliff top. Taking in the beautiful view of the wide open beach and blue waters of the Atlantic below. The gentleman who kept the camels were very kind, very happy to pose for a photo and even kindly took photos of us. They even let us spent an extra 20 minutes taking photos and petting the camel’s after we got off.

Camels, Tangier, Morocco Camels, Tangier, Morocco

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