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On my recent journey’s with some friends, at the end of the day we went over what our favorite part of the day was. I had mentioned mine was getting lost. My friend felt that was her least favorite part of the day. And I said it might be, but in 10 years from now, when you tell this story, I bet you anything that the focus of seeing the bridge in Ronda, Spain, will be how we spent way to long to figure out how to get to the bottom of the hill.

When I started my journey in Spain with my friends, I tried explaining to them that GPS’ are a recent technology, and although they can be useful, they are not the end all. Especially where the roads are narrow, or simply just gravel paths. Even the paper map we had, didn’t do us much good. Part of the adventure is figuring out where your going and how to get there. The little moments in life. I am not sure they heard my comment then, or took to heart the enjoyment of those 45 minutes driving around the same few square blocks, but I know that to me, it was worth every wrong turn.

In the end, the site that was offered to us was very beautiful.

Ronda Bridge, Rhonda, Spain, Costa del Sol

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The Time Share

So evidently, in Spain, the timeshare my friends and I were staying in believes that door handles on the outside of patio doors lead to more break-ins. As it turns out, being 4 stories above the ground, having a sliding glass patio door that self locks behind us, is very dangerous. So dangerous in fact we managed to easily, lock our selves on our patio. Fortunately one of us had a working phone with email to check and call the number for the timeshare. Even more fortunate, because it was around 9pm, someone answered. Although we weren’t stranded for long, it’s a fun memory to talk about. Especially considering one of my friends wanted to scale the wall, to the window, and climb inside… with nothing but a 4 story drop, and her being clumsier then I… neither her husband nor myself were fans of that idea.
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The Red Door

My friends and I were taking a self guided tour of a small but beautiful bull ring. One of my friends decided she needed the loo, finding one near us, she closed and locked the red door behind her. A few minutes later, she is telling us to stop joking around because she can’t open the door. As it turns out, she managed to lock herself inside the bathroom. While her husband goes to find someone to help us, she finds a window…maybe I can climb through this window, she exclaims… mean while I feel the need to go to the toilet myself because I was laughing so hard at her, because she thinks she can fit through a 1’x1′ window. Soon came a young gentleman in attempt to help open the door while an older gentleman goes to look for keys. Here comes the kicker… at least we didn’t break the door handle. The nice young man who tried so hard, manages to break the door handle off the red door, I suppose this was part of the issue to begin with. In the end, the older gentleman returns with a key and rescues my friend.
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Red Door, Mijas, Spain, Costa del Sol Red Window, Mijas, Spain, Costa del Sol

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