The road to buying a camera…

I was once told by a staff photographer, who offered me his job, that above anything else, including health insurance, I needed to buy a camera. Being chronically ill at the time… I told him to bugger off. Although, he still offered me his job upon his exiting the company, I turned it down. The one thing I have learned, and learned on that internship was that I do not enjoy taking photographs on demand. He took photographs of people speaking, in the conference room, in the auditorium or the speaker and colleagues shaking hands in the hallway. Not my cup of tea. Maybe I shouldn’t have kicked a photo job in the mouth, but I have never been one to do things the easy way.

So I worked as a Production Manager for an Aerial Photographer, occasionally did some ground sites for him. Eventually I started working as a Production/Graphic Designer for a small interest group magazine. Eventually leading me to become a full time Web Developer/Designer. This finally gave me an income to afford not just my health insurance but a camera.

Where to begin. I had graduated from an analog world into a digital world. Camera’s get significantly better with each generation. And depending on how much I was willing to pay, significantly better with each pay increase.

As I had been a Nikon girl while working for the Aerial Photographer, I decided to stick with this path. I knew I wanted decent black areas, and high quality. Which meant nothing less than the Nikon D300. The question now remains… do I spend the extra money of the full chip Nikon D700, or stick with the more in my price range D300. I contemplated, did some price comparison shopping. Either way I knew I wanted the money bags 24-70mm lens, and a 70-300mm best lens for its money lens.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but in the end, I knew I would only want to upgrade, and it wasn’t worth the effort when I don’t shoot as my day job to think about upgrading before I had even purchased my camera. So the D700 won the battle.

I am proud to say, I shoot with a Nikon D700!

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